Thursday, June 16, 2011

White Bread With a Touch Of Wheat

This is a wonderful and easy recipe for the bread machine. There is just a touch of wheat flour used which gives it a very light fluffy texture.

White Bread with a touch of Wheat

1C. Water, 115 degrees
1/4C. Vegetable oil
3T. Sugar
1t. Salt
2 1/2C. Bread flour or All purpose flour
1/2C. Wheat flour
2t.Active Dry yeast

Place ingredients in bread machine as directed in your bread machine instructions or in the order in which they are listed. Always make sure you add the yeast last and make a small well in the flour to put the yeast into. Your yeast should never come in contact with the liquid ingredients until the mixing begins.
Set bread machine on white or basic loaf and set it for the lightest crust. The extra sugar in this bread will l\make the crust brown very well with out using the medium or dark crust settings.    Enjoy!!

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