Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog, Cooking Sensation. This is a blog in which I will not only share my thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences on cooking, but also on gardening. As I move forward with Cooking Sensation I will be adding pictures, recipes and links for my readers. Each recipe is one that I have tried out myself. I urge you to comment on not only the blog, but on any recipe which is posted here. Feel free to give suggestions and offer your own recipes to be shared here as well.
From time to time I will also be adding some local review on restaurants in the Midwest area. With more and more large restaurant chains showing up all over, sometimes we forget that some of the best foods are found in family owned restaurants.
Growing your own herbs and vegetables is the best way to assure that your ingredients will be fresh and chemical free. The Midwest has a short growing season as you all know. The best way to get the most from your seasonal gardens is canning and freezing. Living in the country, most people here do a lot of this. I will be giving tips and advise on this as well.
Thanks you for stopping by Cooking Sensation and I hope you will enjoy this blog.


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